Is Our Culture Ready For The AI Change?

This week I had the pleasure and privilege to speak to many international school leaders at the ECIS Leadership Conference in Düsseldorf about AI in Education. The theme of the conference was “Culture and Change” and it was an inspiring and engaging opportunity to connect (and reconnect) with really thoughtful school leaders. Huge thanks to ECIS for organising this, and for the opportunity to share.

This was a pre-dinner speech, and I promised a screencast of the slides for participants. I sound pretty tired in the recording, because I’m wiped out, and have expanded on the slides to unpack a few ideas.

I wonder what this presentation would look like a year from now. Apologies for some dodgy sound-mixing with a couple of videos in the demonstrations.


  • ECIS AI page, for the breakout session I co-hosted with Jim Ellis
  • WAB AI Resources
  • And have a look at the other posts on this page, and my mega-thread of explorations.

Some of the links and tools referenced in the talk

Accessible Classroom Tools:

Demonstrations in the Slides:



HuggingFace – Open-Source ML Community

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