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These are the resources for my March 30 2017 IB Global Conference breakout session on ‘Hack The MYP‘, in Yokohama, Japan. All going well, you can join in from anywhere.

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Lifehacks, killer apps and “white hat” hacks…

How can we employ our collective experience to make it easier (for us and our teachers) to do better things? What are the key investments in our time that will help us iron out the kinks in the system? What the are big bugs (perceived or real) that get in our way and how can we fix them?

This is the ‘live’ presentation used in the breakout session. A pdf has also been saved in the conference participants’ folder.


Conference Proposal

Session Description: “This session will…”

This session will engage coordinators and teachers in a ‘hackathon’ as we identify issues and propose solutions to make our MYP framework work more effectively for us in our own schools. Be a risk-taker and join us as we put the design cycle to good use in a collaborative effort to overcome challenges to successful implementation.

Session Goals

Identify issues and potential barriers to successful MYP implementation. Develop and propose solutions within the spirit and rules of the MYP that can help us overcome these challenges. Encourage collaborative problem solving through the use of the design cycle.


Useful links:



Hackath-outcomes: What did the group produce?


Referenced resources

Alan Watts: Live Fully Now


Clay Shirky: How Cognitive Surplus Will Change the World

Wired Magazine on Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

Check out the section from 29mins onwards, discussion cultural perspectives on intellectual property.

Session Background Music

Pete Tong & the World Heritage Orchestra’s Classic House.



Stephen is the Director of Learning and MYP Coordinator at Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan and co-Chairs the MYP East Asia (Japan-Korea) network of MYP schools. He was formerly an IBDP Coordinator in Bandung, Indonesia and until recently taught IBDP Biology and MYP Sciences. He is a UK-trained teacher with a keen interest in international education, curriculum development, educational technologies, pedagogical leadership and reflective practice. He has recently completed an MA in International Education with the University of Bath. With a philosophy of sharing, Stephen’s popular internet resources and i-Biology.net site support IBDP Biology and MYP Science teaching and learning while raising donations for a selection of charities. He probably tweets too much, and you can find him @sjtylr.



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