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Book Review: The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education (2ed)

It as a privilege to be asked by Mary Thompson and Jeff Hayden to review this excellent “state of now” text on research in international education. The review was published in the Journal of Research in International Education.


(re)Defining Inquiry: A Pragmatic Approach

International School Magazine, Autumn/Spring 2014.

Developed from my ULL assignment for Bath, this attempts to synthesise a K-12 definition of inquiry that finds common ground between the progressive and tradition and which uses ‘inquiry’ as a term for activation of high-quality student learning.

For an updated post and definition, please read this post and further discussions here. 

Read the full article on IS Magazine’s website here, or download the magazine (pdf) here (or just the article pdf here).


Trivium 21C: A Book Review

After reading Martin Robinson’s excellent Trivium 21C and drawing parallels with a very-well implemented IB programme, I wrote this recommendation for IS Magazine in Spring/Autumn 2015.


Conference and Workshop Presentations 

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