AI Tools for Inclusion & Multilingual Learners

Some AI tools have potential to save teachers a lot of time in supporting their learners, through making content more accessible and working across languages.

Some affordances of new AI tools in the multilingual classroom can include:

  • Access to technical language
  • Pre-teaching vocabulary
  • Adaptive resourcing and translation in response to students’ needs or interests
  • Comprehensible input through making complex texts accessible
  • AI-mediated translanguaging
  • Active outputs and feedback using AI-enhanced tools
  • Making connections to cultural or personal issues of significance

Here is a slide-deck with some examples (there are many more), mostly using examples from PerplexityAI, ChatPDF, Canva Magic and Education CoPilot’s AI FreeStyle space. You can copy the prompts and try in whatever tools you have access to. Teachers with greater expertise than me in these areas might find even more useful applications.

Go Full Screen Here.

Some Go-To Tools:

Read More:

Language Equity & Home Language Preservation

Tan K Huynh’s Teaching ML’s Podcast: Adapting with AI

Tan has a brilliant podcast about teaching multilingual learners, and Stephen had the privilege of being invited on to talk about AI. Check out all of Tan’s episodes, they are great.

Robo-tiger teacher and students image generated in MidJourney by Stephen.



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One response to “AI Tools for Inclusion & Multilingual Learners”

  1. Tan Avatar

    WOW!!!!!! Mind blown by all the way that AI can support comprehensible input and output.

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