Thinking Routines for an AI Classroom

Another quick post, but sharing a booklet I’ve been working on for a while. Connected to ideas in earlier posts related to (If You) USEME-AI and adapting to AI in schools through creating and building on Cultures of Thinking.

Thinking Routines, as part of a Culture of Thinking, are powerful tools to promote learning, engagement and contribution, and can be easily adapted to make sense of AI prompts, inputs, outputs and the impacts new technologies will have on teaching and learning.

The booklet includes some links to resources to set the stage for learning, and some pages of suggested adaptations to routines to incorporate AI into learning flows. The possibilities are endless, and this is really just to spark ideas.

Embedded here, or go fullscreen here, with pdf below.

Some related links & resources:

Also check out this Twitter thread by Sarah Dillard, unpacking the Think-Pair-AI-Pair-Share routine:



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