Personal Project Quick Comment Spreadsheet

UPDATE 2022: Thanks to Terea Marcum for updating this for the new Guide. Please click here to see her version. Thank-you! 

Spreadsheet to help with comment generation and moderation of MYP Personal Project. It is a long job, particularly with large class sizes and teachers working across time zones. The comment bank aims to help keep comments aligned and neutral, and comments for individual students can easily be modified. See the video below for how it works.

  • It uses data validation and a comment bank for marking,
  • “Concatenate” to compile comments and feeds the data into a decision-making sheet.
  • If a student’s work is sampled, the submission comment can be derived from the comments of the two marker

EDIT – links to the old version removed. 

Video: for the older version, but you get the idea.



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10 responses to “Personal Project Quick Comment Spreadsheet”

  1. Amrita Singh Avatar
    Amrita Singh

    @Stephen : It’s a wonderful resource. Thank-you

  2. Nicola Zulu Avatar
    Nicola Zulu

    This is a super resource and one I will share with out team of supervisors.

  3. Yustina Avatar

    A big help for supervisor. Thank you!

  4. Jon Avatar

    Powerful resource. Is there an updated version reflecting the PP guide with 3 criteria?

  5. Elsa Avatar

    Great work! The updated version of the PP guide would be very helpful!

  6. Usman Khalid Avatar
    Usman Khalid

    Can you send me the updated spreadsheet with 3 criteria. We have to follow the new project guidelines. Your previous file was very helpful.
    Thank you

  7. Nashriffa Avatar

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for sharing this. The spreadsheet link 2022 will definitely help for the first moderation and assessment process. Do you have the report for which the new criteria were used in the 2022 spreadsheet? That would really help to see how the strands were awarded those levels.

    Thank you once again.



    1. Stephen Avatar

      I’m not sure for this version, but I imagine it would be the May or Nov ’21 sessions.

  8. Zoë Avatar

    This is now longer clickable – so can’t be downloaded

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