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Curriculum Spark: ATLAS Webinar


Here are the slides from a short webinar I presented for Rubicon ATLAS on our MYP: Next Chapter journey so far.

Over the last couple of years, we have had a lot of interaction with Ben, Chris, Natalie and the Rubicon ATLAS team to customise our planner to give more guidance to teachers, test out elements of Next Chapter and to link from ATLAS boxes to supporting resources on our Faculty Guide. After all the hard work, we’re now at a stage where we can think more about just getting it done and focusing on evaluation and improvement of curriculum, rather than completion of documentation.




Author: Stephen

International Educator: China via Japan, Indonesia & the UK. Director of Innovation in Learning & Teaching. Science educator. Twitterist (@sjtylr), dad and bloggerer. MA International Education. Experienced Director of Learning & MYP Coordinator. Interested in curriculum, pedagogy, purposeful EdTech and global competence. Find out more: https://sjtylr.net/about. Science site: http://i-biology.net.

2 thoughts on “Curriculum Spark: ATLAS Webinar

  1. Hi Stephen. Thanks so much for your helpful webinar last week. You had mentioned that your departments had been using a chart to plot (and tick off) the stages of transition into the MYP Next Chapter.

    Would it be possible to have a copy of the chart template (i.e. not with your school-specific info but just the stages relating to generic changes that have to be made from the old system to the new)? It would be a great help as I try to make sure our department is on track for the coming changes over the next weeks and months.

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