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"Learning is about living, and as such is lifelong." Elkjaer.

Wayfinding: Ripples & Reflections

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Email: stephen[at]i-biology.net   Twitter: @sjtylr   LinkedIN: sjtylr  Insta: @sjtylr

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BlogPosts & Resources

These are from here and from i-Biology.net, organised by topic and some go back as far as 2010. I tend to “write to think” and  I usually have 2-3 drafts in progress. Writing comes in fits and starts, though this collection represents an evolution of thought and practice, inspired by current work, reading, my Twitter PLN and MA studies/ academic work. It includes some conference/workshop presentations and pieces for International School Magazine and the Journal of Research in International Education.



Learners and Learning (and the ATLs)

Pedagogy & Practice

Educational Technology

On the MYP & DP: Curriculum, Assessment & Practice

Service Learning

  • Designing a Service Learning Cycle (a design-cycle approach to service, based on Cathy Berger Kaye’s work and using the ATL skills as MYP 1-3-5 expectations against the service learning outcomes)
  • Biology4Good (on using my resources to generate charitable donations)

International-Mindedness and Global Engagement (IMaGE)

Professional Learning


Write To Think


The Swallow, The Flock & Writer’s Block. An excerpt form OE Mandelstam’s “The Swallow”, used in Lev Vygotsky’s “Thought and Word”, used in Harry Daniels’s “Vygotsky and Pedagogy.”

Author: Stephen

International Educator in Japan, via Indonesia & the UK. MYP HS Science & IBDP Bio teacher, MYP Coordinator. Twitterist (@sjtylr), dad and bloggerer. MA International Education.

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