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  • (If You) USEME-AI – A Draft Model For Adapting To AI in Schools

    (If You) USEME-AI – A Draft Model For Adapting To AI in Schools

    What can schools do to adapt to rapidly developing AI technologies and their potential implications for teaching, learning and assessment? (If You) USEME-AI is a draft structure to support conversations and actions. I believe that schools that create a culture of thinking and powerful learning opportunities will be better able to benefit from these impacts […]

  • Is Your ‘In-Person’ Conference Inclusive?

    Is Your ‘In-Person’ Conference Inclusive?

    As most – but not all – of the world transitions to a ‘post-covid’ era, more and more conferences are switching back to in-person only events. But are we losing great opportunities with this to be more intentionally inclusive of the wider community? Remote working and online/hybrid events showed us that we can open the […]

  • Recording A DJ Mix Using A Virtual Cable

    Recording A DJ Mix Using A Virtual Cable

    A bit of a departure from education posts… over the summer here in Beijing, I got back into mixing and relearned some old skills. I also picked up some new technical skills, including the complexity of recording sets on a laptop without extra hardware. After getting it to work, I upgraded my laptop, lost access […]

  • Visualising The New MYP Interdisciplinary Learning Objectives

    Visualising The New MYP Interdisciplinary Learning Objectives

    A quick post to share a graphic (made in Canva) to visualise the objectives for the new MYP Interdisciplinary Learning Guide (link to source, MyIB login needed)*. I’ve also updated my MYP overview MegaSheet to include the new rubrics, though do please read and understand the full guide before you use them. I am encouraged […]

  • The Quest for Learning in an IB Context

    This post is a quick review of “The Quest for Learning: How to Maximize Student Engagement” by Marie Alcock, Michael Fisher and Allison Zmuda, published late 2017 by Solution Tree Press. I’m reviewing the paperback version: 122 pages plus foreword by Heidi Hayes-Jacobs, appendices, index and online resources. It’s written with an eye on its […]

  • Don’t feel hopeless, despite the world right now.

    Don’t feel hopeless, despite the world right now.

    Originally posted on i-Biology:
    IB Learner Profile  With the world at fever-pitch for humanitarian crises, discrimination, a swing to the political right and environmental problems becoming compounded, it can seem like we are powerless to make a change. This might be even more true if you are underage, personally affected (directly or indirectly), a holder…

  • Visualising the Curriculum: A Design-Cycle Approach

    Visualising the Curriculum: A Design-Cycle Approach

    This year, two of my professional learning ‘Tankyuu‘ goals are to develop the curriculum review cycle for our school and to investigate ways in which we can best communicate our curriculum to the school community: parents, teachers, students and outside agencies. What kind of MYP Coordinator would I be if I didn’t at least attempt […]

  • In Japan

    This is a neat four-minute tour through our home, Japan, and well worth a watch. Maybe it will encourage you to come to Japan, too!

  • Defining Inquiry (again)

    Some more recent posts: “Is this an Inquiry with an “I” or an enquiry with an ‘e’?” Wayfinding: Curriculum as a Compass?  Content & Inquiry in a Google World? How NOT to be ignorant about the world: inquiry & the fact-based worldview “Let’s all meet up in the year 2000” on Factfulness and globally-minded inquiry […]

  • Authenticity in assessment, (re-)defined and explained

    Originally posted on Granted, and…:
    What is “authentic assessment”? Almost 25 years ago, I wrote a widely-read and discussed paper that was entitled: “A True Test: Toward More Authentic and Equitable Assessment” that was in the Phi Delta Kappan. Download it here: Wiggins.atruetest.kappan89 I believe the phrase was my coining, made when I worked with Ted…