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  • This Post Was Written By AI

    This Post Was Written By AI

    Strap in, as developments in AI, Machine Learning and automation have come thick and fast over the last two years, and really exploded over the last six months. This post is a demonstration of a couple of (free or trial version) tools that showcase capabilities in AI that will doubtless have an impact on the…

  • The Buoyant Force: L2 Talk & FOEN Workshop

    The Buoyant Force: L2 Talk & FOEN Workshop

    This was a great challenge during the Learning2 Conference last week in Nanjing. It was my first time at the conference and I was looking for an experience that would push me and provide something to think about. I presented this short talk, and an extended session on Global Ignorance, Factfulness and Data-Informed Inquiry. You…

  • Clear is Kind.

    I love this post from Brené Brown, adapted from her book Dare to Lead: “Clear is Kind. Unclear is Unkind.” In leadership roles in spaces with many moving parts and challenges, I’ve learned that unnecessary ambiguity can lead to unnecessary conflict. As a coordinator we can often predict where some of these conflicts might arise.…

  • Creating Cultures of Thinking: Summary Cards

    I love Creating Cultures of Thinking by Ron Ritchhart of Project Zero at HGSE so much, and refer to it so often, that I made these aide-mémoire cards and chapter summaries, and I carry them with me for planning, coaching and collaboration meetings. The front side has a visual and chapter line, and the reverse…

  • My Best Books, 2017-18

    My Best Books, 2017-18

    This year has been high on transition, anxiety and exhaustion, and very low on sleep. On the plus side, we’re feeling positive about the move to an amazing school, and the sleepless hours have meant even more reading than normal. Here is a selection of the books that have kept me going and inspired me…

  • The Buoyant Force of Continuum Learning

    If you’re new to this blog – welcome! Ideas on here often build on previous posts or conversations, so I hope this make sense. To find out more, please visit my about page, with posts by topic. ……….o0O0o………. As I work on curriculum development across the subjects, I reflect on how easy it is for…

  • In Japan

    This is a neat four-minute tour through our home, Japan, and well worth a watch. Maybe it will encourage you to come to Japan, too!

  • Seven Reasons to be an #IBEN Site Visitor

    A quick run-down of some of the benefits I’ve found in my first year or so in #IBEN as a school visitor.

  • Live Fully Now

    A quick post on an Alan Watts quote that drew healthy discussion (and some tears) at a recent presentation.

  • Educate for hope, not despair, for a fair and sustainable world.

    I wrote this post in 2014, but come back to it often. See edits and additions below the main body. We tread a delicate line between hope and despair; between student action for change and not overwhelming our young learners with the pressure of a future that was shaped by others.   ……….oO0o………. We’ve wrecked the…