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  • How International Is Our School? MA Dissertation

    How International Is Our School? MA Dissertation

    This post is to store and share my MA Dissertation. A pilot-test of a visualization and set of evaluation rubrics for factors affecting the promotion of international-mindedness and global engagement (IMaGE) of a school. After starting this investigation with my Education in an International Context paper, and building on it through Research Methods in Education, […]

  • Bath MA International Education: A Review

    Bath MA International Education: A Review

    This year I successfully completed my MA Education (International Education) programme through the University of Bath. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to others in international schools, and I’ll be back in the summer for graduation. Here’s a wee review.  ………o0O0o……… Why Bath?  In 2011, after eight years in Indonesia and on the way […]

  • Book Recommendation: The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education

    Title: The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education [SECOND EDITION] Editors: Mary Hayden – University of Bath, Jack Levy – George Mason University, Jeff Thompson – University of Bath Update Dec 2017: I fleshed this out into a full review for the Journal of Research in International Education. My first official journal publication, and available online ($$ or […]

  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Professional Learning for International Educators

    Eyes-deep in reading for the MA dissertation, with 200 links in my Paperpile and counting, concurrently thinking about future professional learning at school, and following the threads of developing the IMaGE of a school, I keep stumbling across articles, books and papers that offer distractions from the work at hand. The result is a bent […]

  • The IMaGE of an International School

    It’s crunch time for my MA International Education studies at the University of Bath, with a big literature review in progress and some data collection coming up, aiming to submit by the summer break. As much as I’ve loved the study, I’m looking forward to reclaiming some balance.  ………o0O0o…….. My plan for the dissertation is […]

  • A pragmatic approach to inquiry: my article in IS magazine

    The most recent issue of International School Magazine has run a feature written by me on how we interpret and frame inquiry, and is adapted from one of my recent Bath MA assignments.

  • Are IB Schools Trivium21C Schools?

    Trivium21C is an excellent vision for an excellent education, taking the best of the past and the present to prepare young people for the future. Give up the progressive/traditional mud-fight and read this.

  • MYP: Mind the Gap [MA Assignment]

    The circle closes with this assignment, from IBAP conference in 2013 to the submission of the assignment in 2014. From here it’s onwards and updwards with the Research Methods unit and the dissertation, building (hopefully) on my Web Chart of the International Dimension.  Building on ideas from my IBAP Regional Conference breakout session in 2013, […]

  • The Swallow, The Flock and The Writer’s Block

    I forgot the word I wanted to say, And thought, unembodied, Returns to the hall of shadows.

  • Is “every experience a moving force” in our curriculum?

    As I struggle through writer’s block (after a very intense couple of months of work and more), trying to organise and finish off this ULL assignment, I find myself pulled back into the literature, thinking about the quotes of educationalists past and present. Recent reading about Dewey and Vygostky has been stimulating, as I realise […]