This year in #MYPChat

This was a fun year in the #MYPChat PLN (professional learning community)! 

We started the journey way back in 2013 with some seasons of weekly hour-long twitter chats based, going through the Next Chapter phase of MYP. Over the years, a warm and supportive PLN has developed and I’ve found the community a great help over the years in various roles. 

This year has been the most fun since we started. Taking a cue from EduTweetOZ, we got the discussion going about how to keep the community alive and get perspectives from around the MYP world. 

The @MYPChat Roaming Handle Is Born!

And so, with some willing volunteers (open-minded risk-takers, some might say), we set to work. I created the @MYPChat account and a sign-up list on a GoogleDoc, we set a schedule and Season 1 got going Season 1 with the hosts coming from regular #MYPChat contributors: @LennyDutton @reidau1 @alohalavina @alisonkis @DaunYorke @JRafaelAngelM @KetiBrook @vanweringh. 

In this slow-chat format, the host holds the account for a week, passing the baton (the login details) sometime on Sunday. Each week, the host sets the questions and away we go. This first season included topics on ATL, service as action, feedback, transitions and much more. It is really great to hear about what others are working on and to see our common framework in action in different contexts. 

In season 2, the web was spun wider, with topics including getting going, (over)assessment, interdisciplinary learning, global contexts, standards, inquiry in languages, gaming and a many more topics. This seasons hosts were @ggreen7 @JeremyOtto_ @darrylsjharding @IBMYP_Educator @InquiringOn @LauraEngland @JeffersonLars @babilgre @halcyongareth @TeacherlyIssues @MypClassroom @LancettJohn @MWroundtheworld.

Looking forward to 2019

As we break for the new year, I’m looking forward to supporting the community as it develops further. We’re always looking for keen hosts, and if you’d like to give it a go (it is low-stress), please send me a direct message on Twitter (@sjtylr). We’re looking forward to having hosts from different educational contexts and some weeks hopefully hosted in languages other than English. Watch this space! 

After the unfortunate demise of both Wikispaces and Storify this year, we are missing a reliable way to archive the #MYPChat contributions, so that will need to be overcome. However, having the @MYPChat account means the tweets can easily been seen and analysed. A new challenge! 

A TweepsMap outline of @MYPChat followers from around the world, values are a percentage of the (currently) 968 total (Dec 16 2018)






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