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A Web Chart of the International Dimension of a School [MA Assignment]


Could we use this web as an evolving, visual representation of the international dimension of our schools?

Could we use this web chart as an evolving, visual representation of the international dimension of our schools?

Over the summer I was working on an assignment for the Bath MA in International Education. Here is the result, a piece of work I’m proud of and which I’ve uploaded with permission from my tutor.

The whole field of internationalism and global-mindedness in education is exciting, expansive and still-expanding. Through my reading about the challenges of defining an ‘international education’ and the many qualities that it encompasses I realised a single operable and visual tool might be of benefit to schools, researchers and the generally interested.

As a result, I have started to develop this web-chart of the IMaGE of a school (international mindedness and global engagement), and plan to strengthen and test it over the coming assignments and dissertation.

The simple idea behind it is that if we can identify the various elements of a school that can affect (or be affected by) internationalism, and the ways in which they exert tension on each other, then we can develop an evaluation rubric or other measurement tool. The resulting web-chart for the school at that moment in time gives a visual identity or definition of its degree of promotion of the values of international education. This could be used as a comparative tool (within the school over time, between schools, between stakeholder group perceptions), and may be used to help schools develop action plans for further development of their international domains.

Here is the full assignment. Apologies for some of the missing spaces – that is a bonus feature of SlideShare. 


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