A five-star post about Assessment

Here are a couple of short, funny* videos that could be used for informal discussion prompts on assessment. If you have more, please post them in the comments below.

Mr. D on grading tests

  • Is the assessment we design and give to students a valid measurement of learning outcomes?
  • Does the application of the grading criteria give reliable data on student learning?
  • Is there a place for attitudinal grading in academic assessment? (This is to be largely removed from the MYP as part of the Next Chapter).


John Gordillo on the arbitrary and undefined nature of star reviews

  • How do my assessments in one criterion compare to those in another?
  • How does the application of criterion-based assessment in my subject compare to that of another?
  • Are there really some subjects that are ‘easier sevens’ than others? Why? If so, how can this be fixed?


*Depending on the descriptors you use for funniness.







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