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  • Wayfinding: Ripples & Reflections

    Wayfinding: Ripples & Reflections

    Email: stephen[at]i-biology.net   Twitter: @sjtylr   LinkedIN: sjtylr MixCloud: sjtylr For my summary CV, Bio and portfolio of writing, resources, workshops and work in international schools, please visit the About page here. See my LibGuides here. 

  • AI Feedback with CoPilot

    AI Feedback with CoPilot

    How can the FreeStyle tool in CoPilot be used to give feedback on student writing samples against written descriptors?

  • Three Years

    Three Years

    A personal post, three years into Covid-19 in China, and three years in this role. Some highs, some lows, some “I don’t knows” and some “where to gos?”. I wish I’d written more of this down along the way, but it has been intense, and there will be plenty forgotten.

  • AI Tools for Inclusion & Multilingual Learners

    AI Tools for Inclusion & Multilingual Learners

    Some AI tools have potential to save teachers a lot of time in supporting their learners, through making content more accessible and working across languages. Here is a quick slide-deck with some examples (there are many more), mostly using Education CoPilot’s AI FreeStyle space. You can copy the prompts and try in whatever tools you […]

  • We Don’t Need an “AI Policy”

    We Don’t Need an “AI Policy”

    Schools that maintain a focus on building a culture of academic integrity through knowing our learners, iterating and evolving will be better-adapted to the opportunities and challenges of AI in education. The ripples of AI tools have been present in the waters of education for the last year or more, but the massive rock-splash of […]

  • (If You) USEME-AI – A Draft Model For Adapting To AI in Schools

    (If You) USEME-AI – A Draft Model For Adapting To AI in Schools

    What can schools do to adapt to rapidly developing AI technologies and their potential implications for teaching, learning and assessment? (If You) USEME-AI is a draft structure to support conversations and actions. I believe that schools that create a culture of thinking and powerful learning opportunities will be better able to benefit from these impacts […]

  • This Post Was Also Written By AI

    This Post Was Also Written By AI

    Implications & Opportunities for Teaching & Learning In the two months since my last post on this topic, the AI-powered world has gone WILD. Large Language Model (LLM’s) like GPT3 are freely available and easily accessible, and example outputs from OpenAI’s ChatGPT are all over Twitter. AI Art is exploding, HuggingFace developer community is sharing […]

  • Is Your ‘In-Person’ Conference Inclusive?

    Is Your ‘In-Person’ Conference Inclusive?

    As most – but not all – of the world transitions to a ‘post-covid’ era, more and more conferences are switching back to in-person only events. But are we losing great opportunities with this to be more intentionally inclusive of the wider community? Remote working and online/hybrid events showed us that we can open the […]

  • This Post Was Written By AI

    This Post Was Written By AI

    Strap in, as developments in AI, Machine Learning and automation have come thick and fast over the last two years, and really exploded over the last six months. This post is a demonstration of a couple of (free or trial version) tools that showcase capabilities in AI that will doubtless have an impact on the […]

  • Recording A DJ Mix Using A Virtual Cable

    Recording A DJ Mix Using A Virtual Cable

    A bit of a departure from education posts… over the summer here in Beijing, I got back into mixing and relearned some old skills. I also picked up some new technical skills, including the complexity of recording sets on a laptop without extra hardware. After getting it to work, I upgraded my laptop, lost access […]

  • Visualising The New MYP Interdisciplinary Learning Objectives

    Visualising The New MYP Interdisciplinary Learning Objectives

    A quick post to share a graphic (made in Canva) to visualise the objectives for the new MYP Interdisciplinary Learning Guide (link to source, MyIB login needed)*. I’ve also updated my MYP overview MegaSheet to include the new rubrics, though do please read and understand the full guide before you use them. I am encouraged […]