Disconnect to (re-)Connect

It’s the summer, and we’ve had some great – but short – trips in Japan: camping, surfing, lake-going and playing. Academic work has dominated the time we’ve been at home, though, as well as thoughts of getting ready for the new role and the new academic year. A friend posted one of these PhD comics to facebook earlier, and after a quick flick through, I found a couple of recent cartoons poignant. Enjoy!

Why? by Jorge Cham.

The odd thing is, I’m online in the moments between feeding and putting Sam down for a nap and waiting to go on a trip to the Kobe Club for a swim. Anya and Hesty are out, and I was lost for ideas, as my Kindle broke down the other day (A Storm of Swords will have to wait to December*). Hmm… there must be some printed books in the house somewhere.

A chronicle of my vacation, part 2, by Jorge Cham.

We have to disconnect to connect. Logging off (for a few hours – then back into drafting).

Bodyboarding with Anya at Ikumi Beach, Shikoku.
Brother and Sister at Keino Matsubara
Brother and Sister at Keino Matsubara, Awaji








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