New records & future musings on

i-Biology Stats, May 2012
i-Biology Stats, May 2012

This week had three new site records in a row for views to, before and during the IBDP Exams for the northern hemisphere schools. That gives me a sense of pride in what’s been achieved here, but also a feeling of trepidation. I am fortunate to have got most of the content complete before coming to CA, where IBDP Biology is only a small part of my teaching assignment. The site has always been a repository of resources for my own students, with the added bonus of an extended readership and small community of teachers who give feedback in comments, on Twitter or by email.

Although I’ll keep one SL class next year as I move into the MYP Coordinator role, I am not likely to be able to update and rebuild the presentations as I might want to. Having said that, we have a summer on a budget in Japan here to get through, so I might be more productive than I thought!

I do see the site including more content and resources for MYP Sciences, and recent posts on One World resources have been popular. I don’t want to let i-Biology slide, especially as it is starting to attract some donations to the charities I care about (and has just broken the £1000 mark). If you or your school have been using it, please visit the Biology4Good page.







2 responses to “New records & future musings on”

  1. Ai-Linh Tran Avatar
    Ai-Linh Tran

    Stephen Taylor! this is Ai-Linh Tran! i’m going to be in Japan for half term. Do you have time to meet up in Tokyo?
    I’m no longer on the FB and don’t use twitter either so it’s been a real pain in the ass trying to find an email address to contact you on.
    Anyway email me and let me know if you have time to catch up!

    1. Stephen Avatar


      My email is stephen[at] Great to hear from you. When is half-term for you? I’ll be in KL and Indonesia from 16-28 March.

      I’ll email you too.


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