Biology4Good is taking off!

After a run of generous donations, i-Biology users have so far donated well over £700.00 to my chosen charities, including the Marine Conservation Society, Mines Advisory Group, Hope HIV, Save the Children, Save the Rhino, Tree Aid and Medecins sans Frontiers!

A couple of years ago I started a Gifts4Good charity list for my site, called Biology4Good. The idea was that people who used my resources might feel like they could give back by donating to charity through the list. It was very slow to take off, but after some promotion during the final IB exams in May and November this year, it’s finally getting going!

This Movember also saw the site generate some support.

At first I was unsure if offering a wide range of charities would be a good thing or if it would spread donations too thinly, but I’m happy I’ve kept it broad. This way users can choose a charity which most closely aligns with their own personal feelings. It takes a lot of time and effort to put this site and the resources together, but feels good to know that others find it worthwhile enough to make a small contribution to charity as a result.

Thank-you! If you are an educator why not consider doing something similar. Get your work out in public and let it work for others who need the help. Call it Teacher CAS.



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