The IMaGE of an International School

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This page is reserved for resources for Stephen’s proposed conference session: “The IMaGE of a school: How International is Your School?”

It is based on the work I completed as part of the University of Bath MA in International Education. The initial idea for the web as an IMaGE of an international school came during my Education in an International Context studies, was developed during my Research Methods in Education unit and was pilot-tested as the basis of my final dissertation.

The premise is reasonably straightforward: as the international education sector grows rapidly, so does the marketplace for schools, with institutions of many different types presenting an ‘international’ education. What constitutes that education can be challenging to define, and I proposed a visual representation of some of the key elements that promote international mindedness and global engagement (IMaGE) in a school. This is based on many key resources (ISA, CIS, IBO, UNESCO, OECD, ACE, OXFAM and more) and results in a set of rubrics that unpack each radial of the web into component elements that can be self-evaluated. The resulting outcomes for each radial can be plotted on the web chart, presenting the IMaGE of the school for further discussion and exploration.

Web8Sample (2)
A sample of the web chart in use, showing the evolution of a school or a change in perception. The eight radials are still under development, and there will be descriptors for each in the final project. At first glance, where would you rate your won school? What do you see, think, wonder about the results of this (imaginary) school?


My initial EIC paper is presented below, and I will upload the final dissertation and resources when given the all-clear from Bath.


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