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A pedagogy of personalised learning

A pedagogy of personalised learning, from education.gov.uk

A pedagogy of personalised learning, from education.gov.uk (pdf)

While reading about “Current issues in curriculum” today, I was pointed to this document from the UK government: Personalised Learning: A practical guide (pdf). I thought it might be worth sharing and of use to others. It’s long, but outlines some plans and strategies for personalised learning in schools.

How achievable is this in a setting with a rigid curriculum syllabus?

How fluid can the curriculum be made in order to really facilitate personalised learning ideals without sacrificing ‘standards’?

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MA Assignment: Proposed Assessment in MYP Next Chapter Sciences

This is a piece of work I submitted in February for my MA in International Education unit on Assessment with the University of Bath. I was given permission from my tutor to post it on this personal professional reflective blog.

It explores some of the issues of validity and reliability in the proposed changes to assessment in the MYP Sciences as the Next Chapter comes into focus. Please note that none of the proposals mentioned in this assignment have been ‘signed off’ by the IBO, as there are elements still in the pilot scheme.

Thanks to Malcolm Nicolson and Sean Rankin for their support in the process.

Next up: Curriculum Studies! Now that the year is starting to wind down (or screech towards the final day), my mind is starting to be filled with thoughts of what’s coming next year in the role of MYP Coordinator. I’ll try to base that assignment on an issue of relevance to CA as well.