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A pragmatic approach to inquiry: my article in IS magazine

The most recent issue of International School Magazine has run a feature written by me on how we interpret and frame inquiry, and is adapted from one of my recent Bath MA assignments. Continue reading


Content & Inquiry in a Google World

I don’t know anyone who can successfully teach ‘content-free’. We need to ensure that we teach good content: relevant, current, useful, interesting. We need to teach that content well, using effective methods and ensuring as much as we can that we don’t reinforce misconception. Google is a tool, not a teacher and a teacher who could be replaced by a search engine should be. At the same time, we can’t drown students in facts without leaving room for critical reflective thought (inquiry). We need to help students make connections and the selection (and teaching) of content is crucial in building conceptual and transferable understandings. Continue reading


An Inquiry Crossfader: Authentic vs Effective Learning?

In reading more about Understanding Learners and Learning, learning theories and high-impact teaching and learning strategies I got thinking again about a conversation Jon Schatzky and I had a year and half ago about a continuum of inquiry. I’ll use … Continue reading