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Hattie & Yates: Visible Learning & the Science of How We Learn

This brief review of John Hattie and Gregory Yates’ Visible Learning & the Science of How we Learn (#HattieVLSL) is written from the multiple perspectives of a science teacher, IB MYP Coordinator and MA student. I have read both Visible Learning … Continue reading


Making Feedback Visible: Four Levels in Action

Five years ago I was starting to become concerned with the difference between marking and feedback. What was making a difference to my students’ learning and was the effort I was putting into detailed marking worth it in terms of … Continue reading


For a full breakdown of my conference/workshop presentations, posts and articles, visit the About page. Conference and Workshop Presentations It’s good to get out and about occasionally to learn with with others in similar situations. Where possible, I propose to … Continue reading


A pragmatic approach to inquiry: my article in IS magazine

The most recent issue of International School Magazine has run a feature written by me on how we interpret and frame inquiry, and is adapted from one of my recent Bath MA assignments. Continue reading